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Scented candles are easy and cheap to make. You can get all the materials online or at your local store. Now, we can start to make a homemade candle.

Material and Tools:


The base of the wick

Soy wax

Glass bottle

Glue dots

The decoration wax


Step 1:Fix the wick

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Take the wick and the base of the wick. Insert the wick into the base and then use the pliers tightening.

Cut off a piece of the glue dots. Next, stick it in the base and then fix it in the bottom of the glass. Now use the chopsticks to fix the wick in the middle. The preparation has been finished.

Step 2:Melt the soy wax

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Add the soy wax into the pot. Heat the wax until it becomes liquid. While the wax is about 60℃, you can add the essential oil as you like.

Step 3:Pour the wax into the glass step by step

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Pour the first layer into the glass and wait it solidifying. Next, prepare the second layer. Re-melt the soy wax and add the candle dye you want. After the first layer solidifying, continue pouring the colored wax into the glass.

Repeat the above steps, you can get the multi-layer candle.

Step 4:Decor the candle

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After the whole layers solidifying, take off the chopsticks first and then cut off the extra wick.

The last step is to decor the candle. You can choose the shape as you like. In order to save time, I choose some heart shape.


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