How to make Mini sushi with shrink film

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In fact, these pieces of mini sushi are really simple but spent a lot of time.

I bought a kit of shrink on this link SHRINK ART SUPPLIES, you can also buy these tools on Amazon online store.

The materials list as follow :

Hot air gun 

Colored Pencils 

Stylus clay tools



UV glue

UV Light 

Step 1:Step 1 Prepare the shrink materials you will need

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Cut the heat shrink film according to the sketch you have already drawn on the paper.

Use small orange beads to act as fish roe.

Color the shrink film and cut it into the shape of cucumber and ham.

The rice base was made of remaining heat shrinkable film. 

Step 2: Step 2 Painting the Sashimi and Shrimp films

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Draw the pattern of salmon with orange and flesh-colored pencils and the Shrimp with red and orage pencils. 

Attention that do not painting too dark .

Step 3:Step 3 Shrink all the materials

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Shrinking the Sashimi and Shrimp with hot air gun 

Adjust the shape with a clay tool and tilt up the tails.

Then shrink all the other materials.

Step 4:Step 4 Finish

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Paste the nori with UV glue on the rice base 

Put the fish roe on the rice base 

One layer of fish seed and one layer of UV glue, so does the other one. 

Does this sushi look delicious? 


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