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To make a gel candle, choose a glass jar is necessary. Gel candle making has become more and more popular with candle making due to the way they look and how long they burn. It isn’t difficult to make these at home and you can add in a variety of things to decorate the gel candles.

Step 1:Melting the gel wax

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To start your gel candle making, place the gel wax that you need into the glass jar. Then let the wax melt in the oven slowly. Don’t forget to stir the gel wax in the process of melting. Because the air bubbles can be one of your greatest enemies when it comes to gel candles. Stirring the gel is one of the best ways to avoid bubbles.

Drop some glue on the bottom of the wick and then stick it on the bottom of the bottle.

Now, fix the wick with two sticks.

Step 2:Pouring the wax and decorate the gel candle

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Take the glass jar and add some color essence into the jar, next stir the liquid.

Now, you can add some gravel into the glass cup and then pour the gel candle wax into the glass cup. Picking the candle fragrance is really one of the best parts of the candle making. Choose the fragrance that you like is the best experience.

Now, it’s time to pour the gel candles wax into the glass cup about 1/4. Put it for a while and then decorate the gel candle with some small shells. At last, pour the transparent gel candle wax into the glass cup and also decorate it using small shells.

Step 3:Place it until they are dry

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Place for a while until they are dry. After that, remove the sticks. The gel candles are finished. I hope that you enjoy learning how to make these candles. When you light them and the whole candle starts to glow, you will be proud of your creation.


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shehr qasir Love this cat and this handmade candle. I will make one for myself.
Rose Haughton LOVE
Vita Badalamenti This is a great tutorial. I will share this one with my friends. Thanks a lot.
Wanda Newsome Cute.

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