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I have prepared this contest for a long time. Last night, this tutorial was eventually finished and today I find a time to upload this and enter this contest. The process of making this candle is easy but if you do it by yourself, to a greater or lesser it is difficult. However, you can try a lot of times as we all know that practice makes more perfect. Hope everyone like this and votes for me with your finger.

Step 1:Material and tools you will need:

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Paraffin wax

Candle dye


Step 2:Clean and fix the wick

Clean and fix the wick_dearlivesClean and fix the wick_dearlives
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In this step, you need to clean the mold first and fix the wick using the clay to avoid leaking out the paraffin wax.

Now, search out the image of Saturn on the internet and think about how to make this candle step by step. After that, now let’s start to make this candle.

Step 3:Melt wax

Melt wax_dearlivesMelt wax_dearlivesMelt wax_dearlivesMelt wax_dearlivesMelt wax_dearlivesMelt wax_dearlives
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Add the paraffin wax on pot and melt it until it becomes liquid. When the paraffin wax is about 100℃, let’s start to add the candle dye. You can take a small cup and then add the candle dye into it. Next, pour the melted wax in the small cup and begin to stir with a stick. To introduce this tutorial more clearly, I finish adding all the candle dye in this step.

Step 4:Pour the wax

Pour the wax_dearlivesPour the wax_dearlivesPour the wax_dearlivesPour the wax_dearlives
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Now, pour the colored wax into the mold step by step. You can refer to the image searched out from the internet. In the process of pouring the colored wax, please rotate the mold to distribute the wax more average. After the colored wax distributed around the mold, now you can pour the wax into the mold to fill in it. Before pouring, please remember to add the essential oil as you like.

Step 5:Wait it solidifying

Wait it solidifying _dearlives
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In order to make this candle look more perfect, you can use a metal candle wick centering device to fix the wick. I forget to buy this device hence a pin is utilized to fix it.

Step 6:Demold and cut the extra wick

Demold and cut the extra wick_dearlivesDemold and cut the extra wick_dearlivesDemold and cut the extra wick_dearlives
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Now, you need to demold. Please be slow in the process of demolding to protect the candle from cracking. Cut the extra part of the wick at the bottom of the candle.


Woohoo! This candle has been finished. Do you like this one? Please support me and vote for me.


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