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Have you ever wondered how to make Shrinky Dinks? Today, we will share a tutorial about making camellia with shrink film. Hope you can get some inspiration and have some novel ideas about the shrink art. Let us go through it so you guys can join us after that.

Now, let’s start!

Just remember the shapes will shrink down to about 1/3 their original size after baking.

Step 1:Prepare what you need

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1 shrink film

Hot air gun

Scissors( to cut the plastic)

Brass wire

UV resin


Clay tools

Some soft pastel or colored pencil(Include the orange and green one)



A piece of green cloth (to make a stem)


Step 2:Draw and color the petals and leaves

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Firstly, draw some petals with an orange pencil and two pieces of leaves with green one on the shrink film.

Next, take the orange pencil and color lightly on one side of these petals shape. The color will become more intense once it shrinks so please be careful with the strength you put forth in the progress of coloring.

Now, it’s time to cut them out of the shrink film and punch them with a small paper hole-punch because we will attach them together in the following steps. Due to the scissors is sharp, be careful that don’t hurt yourself, and then with a small paper hole-punch, center punched each petal and leaf.

Step 3:Cut the brass wire, fix the petals and leaves

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In this step, you need to cut some brass wire about 1.97’’ and then fix these petals and leaves one by one.

Step 4:Shrink time

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This step is the most important and difficult for us.

Firstly, put the petals shape on the table’s surface. It would be better if you can put a piece of paper on the table before shrinking. This way you can protect your tablecloth.

Secondly, use this hot air gun to shrink these petals and leaves around and keep moving slowly. You can also see the shrink plastic move, and then use the clay tools to hold the plastic and take shape while shrinking these. In order to make it better, please pull up the petals slightly with hands put on the gloves.

Tips: Please pay attention to safety while you are using a hot air gun to shrink these petals and leaves.

Step 5:Fix and assemble all of the petals and leaves

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Use the pliers to fix petals and leaves again to lay the foundation for the next step.

Put the little petals together first and screw them. You can add the bigger one by one while fixing them.

Step 6:Make the stem

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Take a stick of lollipop, connect the stick to the brass wire and then wrap the green cloth. In the end, fix it with a hot glue gun.

Step 7:Coat the UV resin and bake the flower with the UVLED-D

Coat the UV resin and bake the flower with the UVLED-D_dearlivesCoat the UV resin and bake the flower with the UVLED-D_dearlivesCoat the UV resin and bake the flower with the UVLED-D_dearlives
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Coat them with UV resin to make flowers more smooth and look beautiful.

Bake the camellia with the UVLED-D until the UV resin dries.

Now, the DIY camellia has been finished. You can also try some different flower shapes and coloring techniques. We all are waiting for you to share your masterpiece. Join NOW!


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Tressa Gibson Great one.
James Bond Good job! what a beautiful flower!

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