How To Make an Epoxy Resin Necklace

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Hi guys, this is my second time to publish my tutorials on Dearlives. So lucky I came across the DIY contest on this website. Now, I am gonna sharing how I made an epoxy resin necklace.

Step 1: Gather what you need

 Gather what you need_dearlives Gather what you need_dearlives Gather what you need_dearlives Gather what you need_dearlives Gather what you need_dearlives
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All these resin supplies are listed at the end of this tutorial.

Now you should cut every wood into 3pcs for matching the molds you have. If your mold is new, wash it with hot water and soap. Let it dry. Then, wipe the mold making sure there is no fluid in the cups. Now you can put wood chip pieces into the mold.

Also if you new to resin crafts DIY. You should search lots of DIY tutorials on this. Then choose to start your own projects.

Step 2:Prepare the resin

Prepare the resin _dearlivesPrepare the resin _dearlivesPrepare the resin _dearlives
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Prepare the resin mix according to the package directions. Here i am using 3:1 for the mixing ratio.  Use the craft stick to slowly drop the prepared solution into each mold. If you want to get it colorful. You can add a little color essence in the epoxy resin solution. Let the solutions settle for five minutes. If air bubbles appear you can pop them with the craft stick. Do not touch it while it is curing. I have searched that at least 16 hours would be better at this step if you want to get  best results. It will be smooth when finished hardening.

Step 3:Turn your cast into jewelry

Turn your cast into jewelry_dearlivesTurn your cast into jewelry_dearlivesTurn your cast into jewelry_dearlives
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Now it is the time to remove the resin pendants from the mold. After removal, you can trim it with sandpaper.  Just trim the edges would be better.  Coz you will damage the surface if you sand the front part.

Tips for you:

If you left fingerprints on the resin pendants, just left it curing for 3 days. Wet sand the surface you left fingerprints on until there is no flaw. Then air dries it overnight. You can apply a thin coat with a small paint brush to the new surface. And dry it for another time. You will get a gorgeous pendant now with no fingerprints on.



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