How To Make A Indigo Dye Handkerchief

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Let's make an interested indigo dye handkerchief. 

Step 1:

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Fold the square cotton in half;

make both sides with organ folding;

fold to a triangle shape;

back side with organ folding to a triangle too;

at last, the cotton will be a triangle wholly.

Step 2:

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Both sides are clamped with iron clips and clamped with a wooden clamp in the middle.

Step 3:

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Put it into warm water (about 50 degrees) for half an hour.

Step 4:

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Mix dyes then put the cotton into for about 10 to 20 minutes. But please dry the water first before put into the dye.

Step 5:

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Take of the clips after dyeing. You can soak it longer if darker color wanted. Color is yellow-green when you open the fabric now. It’ll become dark green for slowly oxidizing, then become blue at last.

Step 6:

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Dry it in air and iron it. There comes the indigo dye handkerchief.

Step 7:

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There’s another pattern with similar folding ways like following. Pictures for help.  


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