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I adopted a cat several  days ago.As she grew up, she needed more space and activities,and  it happened that I have a headache on how to deal with a bunch of accessories left under my house renovation.An inspiration suddenly ran into my mind why not make a cat tree for her ?So here we are!

Step 1:Step 1 Prepare work

Step 1  Prepare work_dearlivesStep 1  Prepare work_dearlives
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First of all, you should make a simple design on paper and make sure that your design is based on your space where you will place it and it's necessary to consider your cat's personality ,my princess Fluffy(her lovely name) likes jump up and down ,climb here and there,so I determined to build a tall cat tree with perches,a little privacy room and hemp pillar stands.

I drew a really very simple design sketch,emm...well okay ,I'm really not good at drawing .And then I list all the materials and tools I have and what I should to buy .Here is my checklist of stuff may be helps,if you want to have a try too .

Plywood or Particle Boad (min:2"x4"x8")

50 ft Hemp Rope

PVC pipes


some screws

Tools:Jigsaw, hand drill, glue gun, nail gun, hole opener

Other accessories: toy balls, trash cans, glue sticks, wood wax oil, nails, etc.

Step 2:Step 2 Cut all materials to size and painted with varnish

Step 2 Cut all materials to size and painted with varnish_dearlivesStep 2 Cut all materials to size and painted with varnish_dearlivesStep 2 Cut all materials to size and painted with varnish_dearlivesStep 2 Cut all materials to size and painted with varnish_dearlives
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Cut all the boards into sizes and shapes that you designed with the jigsaw .Drill the pattern of the kitten's claws with a puncher and jigsaw ,this is the most strenuous step in the entire process,you need more patience to do it .

Then polished with sandpaper .

Varnished the board and dry them ,I varnished

 three times and be proved later that that's really neccesary ,the surface is smooth and beautiful ,easy to clean and waterproof .

Step 3:Step 3 Cut the pipes into sizes and wrapped with hemp rope

Step 3  Cut the pipes into sizes and wrapped with hemp rope_dearlivesStep 3  Cut the pipes into sizes and wrapped with hemp rope_dearlivesStep 3  Cut the pipes into sizes and wrapped with hemp rope_dearlivesStep 3  Cut the pipes into sizes and wrapped with hemp rope_dearlives
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Finally, 7 columns (length 25"), 2 columns(length 16"),1 column (length 32") were cut out.

Seal the ends of the tube with a nail gun as the kitty condo's climb stand.

After that ,wrapped the hemp rope onto the stands with a glue gun helps to make sure the rope is firmly attached to the column,to help prevent them been ruined by your kitty's paw.

Step 4:Step 4 Make the cat roll perches

Step 4  Make the cat roll perches_dearlivesStep 4  Make the cat roll perches_dearlives
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I saw off the bottom of an abandoned trash can, and then sewed a flannel cloth to make it warm and soft .

Praise my inspiration on your knees ,humanbeings !hahaha...

Step 5:Step 5 Assemble it !

Step 5 Assemble it !_dearlivesStep 5 Assemble it !_dearlivesStep 5 Assemble it !_dearlives
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Finally, the last step, very simple, use screws to assemble these parts!

Now,Please ,enjoy your time ,your majesty .

Step 6:Step 6

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All well done ,guys, thank you very much for reading ,please vote for me if you like my cat tree.THANK YOU VERY MUCH .


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linda charles You guys need to calm down. :scream:
miguel jimenez @Emma Debrove : Ummm, a) I saw his votes went so fast too. I doubted if he's cheating, but b) he said the truth, they got similar votes around 270. I don't like him at first. He's so rude. But you guys, you shouldn't doubt with fake evidence. 
Max Curelaru @Emma Debrove : I reported to them already. Let's see the result. Who's cheating. 
Emma Debrove @Max Curelaru : Ummm it’s screenshots... the admin will be able to see. Can’t believe you are bullying people for making observations. You are disgraceful. With all that prize money you should buy some manners 
Max Curelaru @Emma Jane : Are you kidding me?  When I got 257 votes, Kim Crystal got 267 votes. I get 10 votes less for about half an hour. Please don't make fake evidence again! 
Emma Jane @Gemma Baker : Yeah! when I was trying to vote then I took screenshots. @Max_Curelaru you are such a bully to everyone and are overstepping onto harassment getting you and your friends to comment and message abuse to people who have no idea what's going on. 
Emma Jane  Im surprised you haven't been banned yet. You're welcome for the screenshots I took of the cheating :pensive: :rage: https://photos.app.goo.gl/faAhL9DNM67v2A9g7
shelly Finney @shelly Finney :  =)
shelly Finney CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Nice work ????
Max Curelaru @SophiaJustine :I remember I got around 180-190 votes already before. Today when I'm here, I got 302, that is at most 122 votes during 1-2 days. If it's really 2 mins as you said, it's at most 122 not 200. This's first doubt. Second, thank you for reporting me. If not your report, everyone will believe your fake & exaggerated NO.s and I'm a cheater.  Let official person check if I got 200 votes in 2 mins or at most 122 votes in one day. Why I didn't think of stopping doubt in this way but be same rude as you guys. Thank you! 
Max Curelaru @Sophia Justine :200 in 2 mins, who provided the no.? I really want to know how it shows up. Thank you.  
Max Curelaru @GeorgiaBrown :Thank you for your messages. Doubt is of course allowed, but they list a lot of numbers saying they found the evidence and made me a cheater with those. If you were me, your competitor's fans come together here to say I'm a cheater without evidence. How do you feel? My friends want to help me comment on that video but I stopped them. I don't want my friends to be rude like them & me just because of my small thing. What's the matter, I really appreciate your kind words. I need to calm down. Not to be ruder. Thank you very much. 
Sophia Justine @Max Curelaru : First, its a miracle you haven't gotten banned by the way you bully other users. Secondly, I am a school teacher. Have been for over 25 years. To get kids or teachers to get anything done within 2 minutes is near impossible. It takes my year 10's over 30min just to log into their computers and we have a maximum of 28 kids in a class. From your comments I highly doubt that you have 200 kids or teachers; a) together all at once, b) able to all vote within 2 minutes. Lastly,  I am reporting you for cyberbullying and harassment. If you can't speak to people with respect you shouldn't speak at all. 
Max Curelaru @Jane Ironworks : Who told you my school teaches kids? Who! Told! You! ???  
Georgia Brown @maxcurelaru you seem to be overstepping your bounds here. People are getting upset that yor votes rocket and instantly think cheating. Wether or not you are is besides the point. You then start attacking and accusing someone else in the competition of cheating because of their materials they are using are not "trash" however someone in their comments mentioned that they were about to throw out supplies to make one therefore making it trash to treasure. You then get upset and start carrying on about this dream catcher. I have been following comments and your attacking someone who hasn't even reached out to you to correct this. Your attacking them over their fans that are not even commenting. I think you need to take a step back and take your  win grasiously instead of accusing others of being poor losers. 
Max Curelaru @Jane Ironworks : I ! Have! A! School!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Read it clearly! I even have an earth! So what? Do you want a doubt? 
Jane Ironworks @Max Curelaru : I AM ALLOWED TO COMMENT WHAT I LIKE IT DOESN'T MEAN IM A FAN. I can comment on anyone's post. You are NOT allowed to abuse someone based on what they say. You are a bully and are harassing people. So you are saying you have 200 kids in your class and they all were able to create an account and voted within 2 minutes. Yeah sure.
Max Curelaru @Jane Ironworks : https://www.dearlives.com/tutorial-diy_crescent_moon_dreamcatcher_with_fairy_lights_tutorial_547.html?contestid=23&status=1 You! Are! There! Yesterday! Who's the cheater on earth??????????  If you're not, how do you know my votes so clearly? because you love my post too? If you're not, why you deny you know her? Subscribe her and doubt me with no evidence? Who tells you only the one who has Youtube can get high votes but not others? Then they because cheaters just because they don't put on an irrelevant video from Youtube?  Who tells you I have no social ways even you don't know me? Please stop your jealous and bad words! I won't waste my time on you guys anymore!!!!!!! Let god judge! 
Jane Ironworks @Max Curelaru : I don't care about any of you. You are a bully and actually are bridging onto deformation to a contestant who never said anything to you. Secondly nothing in your tutorial is trash and very expensive materials it should be from things you were going to throw out and you clearly said you buy the things in your tutorial  "And then I list all the materials and tools I have and what I should to buy "
Jane Ironworks @Max Curelaru : I highly doubt the contestant even knows whats going on… How do you even know if they are fans or not? I comment of heaps of things doesn't mean I'm a fan. You are very rude and being a bully to people who call you out for usual behaviour. 
Max Curelaru @Jane Ironworks : You didn't know who is the dreamcatcher? You commented on her video and doubt me yesterday then you said you don't know? Forgive me, I take back my apology. 
Max Curelaru @JaneIronworks : If you're not dreamcatcher's fans. I sincerely apologize for my rudeness to you. I'm sooo sorry. I got votes because I asked teachers and students in my school for help. Her voters comment how they love her an irrelevant video and suspect (even curse me) just because her votes lower than mine. I'm totally crazy by her rude fans. You doubt me just when they did those bad things to me so I thought you're one of them so I have to be rude to you. If really my mistake & rudeness, I'm so sorry. If you're one of them, I'm just an eye for an eye. 
Jane Ironworks @Max Curelaru : You are bullying other contestants. I never saw anyone in the contest make any comments to you. There are kids on this site stop harassing them for making observations. BULLY.
Jane Ironworks @Max Curelaru : What are you talking about? who is the dream catcher???? I saw you cheating and called you out end of story. I'm voting for rope bowl. You are such a bully and a sore lair 
luz morel :see_no_evil: My vote is for the wonderful comments! 
Max Curelaru @KahleeCheeseman : The issue at hand here is the fact that she joins the contest with an irrelevant video. What's more, her voters/friends/families comment here maliciously with speculative and exaggerated bad words (even curse me) when my votes are higher than hers. Who's the cheater? God knows we both! 
Max Curelaru @Sophia Justine : You get it! Where's trash in your friend's dreamcatcher? Where? 
Max Curelaru @nita miller : Thank you so much! 
Kahlee Cheeseman The issue at hand here is the fact that you went ahead and bullied other people on this site. You must be so brave behind that keyboard. For all your talents you clearly lack in manners. May your winnings bring you bad luck. 
Sophia Justine It doesn’t require many words to speak the truth. Cheaters get caught. 
nita miller I support you.
kelly strasser I've never seen better comments than these two guys'. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:
lorraine small OMG! There's fire here! All want the first prize! 
Max Curelaru @Lakota RedWolf : My account? How do you know my social account? I haven't told anyone here! Oh my god! It's so dangerous here! 
Max Curelaru @Gemma Baker : Are you kidding me? Why I didn't know I got votes so fast? Thank you for telling me. Many thanks. 
Max Curelaru @Jane Ironworks: Do you have evidence? No! Do you have a school? I have! Please help to tell dream catcher to be a gentle loser. 
Max Curelaru @Sophia Justine: Please don't be an exaggerated loser. 
Max Curelaru @Sophia Justine: Oh, I'm a cheater. Why your dream catcher's voters can get sooooo many higher but not mine? How do you know I have no social media? How do you know I have no funs? You want the first prize, me too!!! The dream catcher just simply put her Youtube video without no description at all and get her votes in almost an hour! Why no doubt from you? Please be a gentle loser. 
Sophia Justine @anita shiny : it's the miracle of cheating LOL :snake::snake::snake:
Sophia Justine LOL he just jumped almost 200 votes in 10 minutes. Cheaters get caught don't pay for votes $$$$$$$ #scam:joy::joy:
Jane Ironworks @Gemma Baker : Yeh 100% he is paying for votes. I was going to enter in the competition but not going to bother now 
Jane Ironworks  50+ votes in minutes lol what? Not ok to cheat. :neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face::smirk:
Gemma Baker …..he was on 122 votes for the past 14 hours then in 2 minutes he jumped to over 281 votes. Looks like he's pay for votes. This is rigged ughhhh :rage:
Lakota RedWolf Cheater...Yeah what? You can’t get so many votes with so little on your account. 
Emma Debrove How you got so many votes with no social media. You’re definitely cheating 
anita shiny How you got 50+ votes in one day..thats miracle..
Wanda Newsome Very useful but seems a little complex.I will try making one.
Wanda Townsend Beautiful and useful ! Thanks for sharing!
Patricia Tanis Can you share me the video if you made? Thanks. 

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