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Last night, when sitting on the Youtube looking through the video, I found this shrinky dink idea about how to make a butterfly hairpin. It is very interesting for me while making this one. Here, I will share the steps with all of you. Hope you like this tutorial.

Step 1:What you ‘ll need:

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Shrink film

Hot air gun


Brass wire

Light blue nail polish and black nail polish



Sewing thread


White pencil

Step 2:Print the butterfly shape

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Take a piece of shrink film into the printer and then print the butterfly shape so that you are successful avoiding drawing the shape. Of course, If you are confident for your art, drawing by yourself may be much more perfect for bringing happiness.

Step 3:Cut and color the shape

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Get the printed shrink film out of the printer and use scissors to cut the shape carefully. The scissors are sharp. Please protect yourself. After that, it is time to add some color on the butterfly shape. I choose a white pencil to color the wings making them more active.

Oops, I forget to tell you that before adding some color, remember to punch a hole with a small puncher.

Step 4:Shrink, shrink, shrink

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Prepare your tools before shrinking, including clay tools and hot air gun. Now, shrink it. While shrinking them, you will find that the shrink film will roll up and become smaller. Until it is flat, please stop shrinking. Next, use a stick to shape. In this step, I adopt the clay tool to save time. Move the place of the shrinky dink and hold it with your hands to make the shape actively easier.

Step 5:Coat it with nail polish

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Use light blue nail polish to coat the butterfly on the back. Let it dry for a while and coat it again with the same one. Now, coat the second layer with the black one as the undertone.

Step 6: Decorate and assemble

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In this step, you need brass wire and a bead. Fix the bead with brass wire through the hole of the butterfly. And then cut the extra brass wire. Next, take a hairpin and fix the brass wire with the sewing thread.

So far a butterfly hairpin has been finished. Do you like this one? Do you want to get one? Try it by yourself. You ‘ll be better than me. Hope you enjoy it. Lastly, please vote for me in the shrink art contest. Thank you so much.


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