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Halloween is approaching. Let's start to make a pumpkin lantern to decorate your house for this Halloween. I think you will like it.

Step 1:Supplies required

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A pumpkin


A toothpick


Step 2:Draw a pattern on the paper before carving. It must be sure that the pattern can be connected after caving.

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You can search this pattern in website just imputing Halloween sketch.

Next, cut off the pattern from the paper.

Step 3:Dig and carve the pumpkin

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In the pumpkin the top surface with a knife to cut a melon in order to reach out into the hollowed out rang attention should be paid as flat aspect. And then continue to dig out the pulp until leaving a thin layer.  

After that cover the pumpkin with the drafted pattern to stab the drafted pattern with toothpick or knife.

Now, you can carve the pattern along the line you left before with a sharp knife.

In the process of carving, it will cost you a lot of time. Be gentle and patient.

Besides, please be careful to protect your hands because the knife is very sharp.

Step 4:Decorating the pumpkin lantern

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You can use the excess pumpkin to carve a mini castle. Take a toothpick and cut it into a thinner one, then insert the inside of the pumpkin to make a better atmosphere.

Step 5:Light a candle

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In last step, take a candle and light it. Next, put them into the pumpkin. Please be careful the fire of the candle.


Please vote for this tutorial in the Halloween DIY Contest. Thanks a lot.


  • A pumpkin
  • Knife
  • A toothpick
  • Candle


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