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There are various kinds of candles in ornaments store. You may have not experienced making a candle by yourself.  When you light the candle which is made by your own hand in your house.  You can feel that the whole style of your room totally changed! So hurry up, give it a try and transform your home with luminous creations! And there are only a few to process to complete the work.

Step 1:Preparation

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Choose one kinds of wax that fits your needs, you can buy it from online including paraffin, beeswax, palm, and soy wax. There are many types of wax with different scents and looks,so get enough to create your desired number of candles. And don’t forget, prepare the pouring pot and container.

Step 2:Make a wick bar

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Stick a piece of pre-tabbed wick (with the metal bottom) in your container. Add enough so that the wick sticks out a few inches from the top. Tie the top of the wick to a pair of chopsticks or bamboo sticks that has been fixed by gummed tape. And rest it over the top to keep the wick perpendicular to the bottom of the container.

Step 3:Heat the wax

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Place the pouring pot with Appropriate amount of water on the heater, and put another container with wax on the pouring pot, heat the wax until it is completely liquefied. The temperature should reach to 180–190 °F (82–88 °C); you can use a thermometer to get an accurate reading. 

Step 4:Add the color and fragrance

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Add color and fragrance to your wax when the wax temperature reaches 190 °F.  You should agitate the mixture of wax, pigment and perfume fully for several minutes to ensure that the wax has an even temperature throughout and that the mixture is thoroughly blended.


Step 5:Pour your wax

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When the wax cools to 135 F, slowly pour the melted wax in the prepared container. You should notice that hold the stick straight and centered while the candle is cooling at the top of container. And the melted wax should cover the three-quarter of the container.

Step 6:Wait and re-pour

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Let the candles cool at room temperature for several hours. Then remove the chopsticks or bamboos ticks and cut the additional wick. Most candle waxes require a re-pour cause there will probably be a concave divot in the top of the wax. So saving enough wax from your original batch to accommodate a second pour is necessary.

Step 7:Finish your wax and enjoy your fruit

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When the process of making candles is all settled, you can burn it, give others a little surprise!


  • wax
  • wick
  • pigment
  • perfume


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