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My daughter especially likes to go to the amusement park to ride the carousel.So I want to make a mini version for her.

I have prepared some materials in advance. 

Material: Hot Air Gun 

           Shrink films


           Colored pencil 

           Clay tools


           Round cutter

Step 1:Then draw the sketch in my mind on the paper,you can also draw with a real carousel as a reference.Split them into three parts,the roof ,the pony and the bottom. 

Cover the heat shrink film on the sketch and copy painting them

Step 2: Cut these shapes with scissors and round cutter ,you can make the size plan bigger cause the shrink film will be very small after heat.

Step 3: Fill up the shapes  with colored pencils.

Step 4: Shrink them with the hot air gun .

Step 5: Punch these shrinked plastic sheets

step 6: Put them together with jewelry accessories

step 7: Apply uv glue evenly,Drying with ultraviolet light

I made the bottom with some pink foam columns at last. 

And,My daughter really like it .

Step 1:

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