Handy Tips for Cleaning Your Antique Brass Items

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When you are told of Antique brass items you imagine them to be wonderful pieces of decoration as their beaten texture can look quite ravishing in a home. At periodic intervals of time, these must be cleaned properly to retain their look. However, there is one problem with these products that are unlike any other decorative item, these cannot be cleaned with water or commonly-used detergents as that can be abrasive and the sheen can wear out very easily. Luckily, there many are ways in which these items can be cleaned properly. Most of the processes to clean them can be done at any home that can be a great DIY project for you. We look here at some of the ways of cleaning them so that shine and look of these items can be maintained for years together.

Cleaning The Antique Brass At Home With These Products

Vinegar And Flour Paste:

Vinegar is known to clean dirt and impurities. When it is mixed with flour, the result can be quite satisfactory for cleaning antique brass items. Taking two tablespoons each of vinegar, flour and water can help in making a paste that can then be applied on an antique item that needs cleaning. The flour will help absorb the dirt while vinegar can get rid of the dense spots on the brass item. After some time, the dried layer of the paste can be wiped off using tissue paper or a soft cloth.

Thereafter, soap can be used to wash this piece. Make sure you completely dry it instantly after the cleaning process. The initial dazzling look of the product can be retained in this way.

Using Toothpaste:

Apart from its obvious use, toothpaste can be ideal for cleaning your brilliant antique brass items. Any type of toothpaste can be used for the purpose as long as it is not fully a gel variant. Firstly, the item should be cleaned with soap and completely dried as water can damage them. Then, a little paste can be applied on a soft cloth and the same should be rubbed on the surface of the item evenly. After this, leave the product for some time and then wipe it out with a tissue paper or soft cloth. In this way, you will notice that the shine of an antique item will be retained quite magically.  

Making Use Of Lemon Juice:

Lemon juice contains citric acid in small amount and that can be very good for cleaning antique brass items. One can squeeze a lemon and collect its juice in a container. A small cloth can then be taken for dipping in the juice and applying the same on a brass object. It can be rubbed through in an even circular motion on the object so that the juice can be in direct contact with the surface. Once it is applied, wash the object in warm water gently and get it dried immediately to get a sparkling look.

Hot Vinegar Can Also Be Used:

Vinegar contains acetic acid in the proportion of five to 20 percent depending upon concentration levels. It can also be used as a cleaning agent for antique brass objects. One can take four to five tablespoons of vinegar in a metal container and heat it to tolerable touching limits. A small piece of cloth dipped into it is taken and applied the same gently to the brass object in even circular motions. Once completely applied, the object can then be washed with water and dried up immediately. The look of brass can be retained by this way quite satisfactorily.

All the above methods can be easily used in one’s home, but the vinegar and flour method can be the most suitable amongst all as it can help in getting a polished look for an antique brass item. Do feel free to try any of the above methods.


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