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Cross is my favorite so I made it for my girl. Steps as following. 

Step 1:

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Mix resin glue A and B to 3:1. Add some navy color concentrate.

Step 2:

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Put glue into the cross mold.

Step 3:

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Add some paillette into glue (color as you like), then put into the mold with a toothpick. Remove it from the mold after dried about 36-48 hours later. 

Step 4:

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Fix all kinds of decorations with UV glue and bake them.

Step 5:

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Put the basic decorations onto the cross, and add more as you like. Fixing them with glue. 

Step 6:

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Dry it and you’ll get what you want.


  • AB resin glue
  • color concentrate
  • Cross mold
  • Paillette
  • Toothpick
  • Measurement cup
  • stirrer
  • UV glue
  • UV ultraviolet radiator
  • All kinds decorations


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