Step by step guide to creating a spooky Halloween wreath

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Do you want to have the best Halloween wreath this season? Are all the wreaths available in the market expensive? Are you planning to scare everyone with your creativity? Well! You are not alone in this. We have just the right thing for you. Here we have a complete guideline which you can use for creating your own Halloween wreath without spending money.

You need to be creative by using some of common sense and things will work for you. 

Preparing your Halloween wreath is very simple. Here we have a step by step guide that will make it easier for you to create your perfect wreath. 

Step 1:Prepare the Materials.

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Here we have the list of items you need to have to create a perfect wreath.

Wheel or a huge circle

Spray paints (black)

Fake flowers

Skeleton hands 


Spooky hat

Glue gun 

Step 2:Color the Wheel Rims.

Color the Wheel Rims._dearlives
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Take the wheel of a bicycle and paint rims of the wheel with black spray paint. Make sure that rims are properly covered with the black color to create a perfect look. 

Step 3:Tie the Flowers And Leaves.

Tie the Flowers And Leaves._dearlivesTie the Flowers And Leaves._dearlivesTie the Flowers And Leaves._dearlives
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After that, you have to take the flowers and leaves which you have collected. You have to tie them with the wheel in such a way that you can easily hide the tube of the wheel. You can use the glue gun for the process to assure that the flowers and leaves will stay in its place. You can use different types of flowers and the ones that you like the most. 

Step 4:Wear a Cap.

Wear a Cap._dearlives
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Once you are done with the flowers, you have to take the skull and cover its head with a spooky cap if you want. It will allow you to create the look that you want. 

Step 5:Attach the Hands.

Attach the Hands._dearlives
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In the end, you have to attach the skeleton of hands with the wheel. Make sure that they are properly adjusted in the flowers to give it a more realistic look. 

Step 6:Show Time.

Show Time._dearlives
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You can attach the wreath to your door and create your own Halloween spirit. 

The biggest attraction of all the products that have been used in the making of this wreath is easily available at home. It means that decorating the front door, you will not have to spend a lot of money. Your Halloween wreath will be created quickly at an affordable rate. There is no need to buy a wreath when you can make one yourself. 

It will also give you pleasure that you have done something very easy at your own and the result will be excellent too. 


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