Halloween Doll's Mask Made of Clay

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Do you want to add a touch of terror in Halloween? Don't miss a chance of  making a horiffic mask for your doll.Let me show how to do it.

Step 1:Prepare the Materials

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Indention pen


Step 2:Form a Face

Form a Face _dearlivesForm a Face _dearlivesForm a Face _dearlives
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Take a piece of clay and press it on the doll’s face to form a clay face.Full it with another color of clay.Then a harder mask is to shape.

Step 3:Make Mask Details

Make Mask Details _dearlivesMake Mask Details _dearlivesMake Mask Details _dearlivesMake Mask Details _dearlives
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1. Cut out a pair of eyes with a knife.

2. Make the eyebrow bounding with the face naturally.

3. Add some clay to the cheeks and the nose to give it a 3D look and then trace the mouth.

4. Outline some wrinkles on the face.

Step 4:Color the Mask

Color the Mask_dearlivesColor the Mask_dearlivesColor the Mask_dearlives
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Paint the nose and mouth red and paint black around the eyes and make the face look dirty using a brush.

Now the doll's mask is finished.Look forward to your vote.


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catherine luzzi How creative !
byron proffer Cute and scaring ! 

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