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How could a wonderful Halloween be without a necessary JACK O’LANTERN ? Here I’ll show the Halloween pumpkins I made. 

Step 1:Buy pumpkins and Prep the materials

Buy pumpkins and Prep the materials_dearlives
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I bought 5 pumpkins (2 failed in the process) and get all the tools ready, including a knife, pen, notebook, 3 small LED candles). 

Step 2:Draw on the face on notebook

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To make sure I can draw smoothly on pumpkins, I drew 3 different faces on notebook first then copied them on the pumpkins in step 4.

Step 3:Clean out the pumpkins

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Before making the faces, I need to cut out the lid so it’s easy to clean out the guts and seeds of the pumpkins, then clean and dry off the exterior. 

Step 4:Carving pumpkins faces

Carving  pumpkins faces_dearlivesCarving  pumpkins faces_dearlives
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Draw the faces on all pumpkins according to draft on notebook.

Then comes the most important step: carving. I cannot be more careful since it’s easy to fail.

I used a pumpkin carving knife (or an Xacto knife) to move out the pieces after carving (you can remove the sections by lifting them out ot pushing them in, both available). 

Step 5:Install the LED lights

Install the LED lights_dearlivesInstall the LED lights_dearlives
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Install the LED lights then tern them on! Here I tried normal candles first, it’s available if light with a long match or long lighter but it’s difficult to install and easy to put out. 

Step 6:Decor

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I colored one of the pumpkins to red. You can decor more and different such as black color with some cute bats. Hope you enjoy it!


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catherine luzzi Seems so easy! I'll have a try.
byron proffer Nice and easy project ! I will try it on Halloween.

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