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I bought the Gingerbread House kit from Amazon. If you need, search directly on Amazon. After finishing making this Gingerbread House, keep them away from the gingerbread house If you have pets in your house. Non-gingerbread-house-building-participating adults and children should be informed to keep their hands off the house as well! Get in the holiday spirit with this fun family project.

Step 1: Supplies you need:

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I only use the gingerbread house kit, a plate, and scissors to cut the plastic bag.

Step 2:Construct the house, mortaring the pieces together using the royal icing

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In fact, making gingerbread house is much more fun with a company than alone. If you are working this alone, it may help to gather some canned goods to prop up the pieces while the icing mortar is drying.

1. Open the package and take out the supplies of gingerbread house.

2. Pour the white powder into a bow and add 3 teaspoons of water to stir. In order to avoid adding to much water, I choose to stir while adding water until the white powder becomes thicker.

3. Now, put your icing into a disposable piping bag and cut a small mouth. Take out all parts of the house and a plate.

4. In this step, assemble the gingerbread house. Start by piping a line of icing along the edge of the biscuits and adhering the one to another on the plate. This will ensure a strong bond and make for a sturdy gingerbread house. I find that the kids can decorate their houses much easier when they can lift up the plates and move the houses around without worrying that they will fall apart or tip over.

5. After assembling, it’s time to decorate the gingerbread house. Decorating gingerbread house is a fun part. I take out a lot of the sugar which has all kinds of color. Stick these sugar on the wall and the roof. The extra royal icing can all be squeezed on the roof.


That’s the way I made my gingerbread house this year. If you like this tutorial, please vote for me on the Christmas Contest. Thank you in advance.


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