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Layla Flinn is a Sydney based writer and researcher, a regular contributor at Smooth Decorator blog. She writes about décor, gardening, recycling, ecology, and business. She thinks all of these topics fall under the self-improvement category. She believes in the power of sharing ideas and communicating via the internet to achieve betterment.

Everything You Need To Know About Garden Maintenance

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With the increased standards of living there has been a call for an aesthetically pleasing home exterior. Gardens aid in making the external atmosphere of your residential quarters appear more beautiful. Not only this, they keep the interiors of your house fresh by purifying the otherwise polluted air, that is almost inevitable these days. The worst thing that you can see in your garden is a plant with the disease so you should always check your plants before buying them from the market. You should check the root quality of the plant. However, the modern schedule never permits individuals, even those who have a knack for gardening to let alone maintain but keep one. Here are a few steps to garden maintenance, if you have one:

Garden Maintenance

Tips And Tricks To Remember While You Resort To Garden Maintenance

Watering: Always remember to keep your flower beds adequately moist and only water them once or twice a week. It is always important to remember that watering plants yield best results when done either after sundown or in the early morning. Otherwise, if you water the plants during the day, more and more water will be evaporated resulting in less seepage. Always avoid over-watering leaf tops or plant heads so as to prevent mould formation. You should remember to water tenderly so that you avoid plant damage.

Lawn: Protect your lawn from extreme temperatures. A range of temperature that is up to twenty-six degrees is good for garden maintenance. Any temperature above thirty degrees is harmful to plants, as it stunts plant growth. If the temperature rises too much then avoid trimming the grass to a great extent and keep them at least 5 centimeters long. This will prevent the sun from drying up the soil. The best time to water your lawn is from four to eight in the morning. You can always entrust someone or install a watering system that will keep the lawn moist at these hours.

Weeds: To avoid the growth of weeds in empty spaces between plant beds, try on planting saplings densely. This will always ensure that weeds do not sprout amidst the gaps between plant beds. If weeds have already infested the plant beds, use a weed trowel to remove them from their very roots. Getting rid of weeds is the most important step towards garden maintenance.

Benefits Of Garden Maintenance

Makes your house look extra aesthetic. It not only makes it appear pleasing to the eye but uplifts your image in front of your colleagues, neighbors, and acquaintances. A well-maintained garden always helps maintain your stress levels. Getting rid of weed and regular watering of plants releases pressure and acts like therapy after a week of hard work. Garden maintenance also reduces the chances of strokes and helps maintain heart health. This is primarily because regular garden maintenance is a time-consuming affair and thus helps to achieve the target of moderate-intensity exercise for at least two and a half hours per day. Moreover, if you expose your skin to the sun in the morning for at least ten minutes per day, while gardening, it raises Vitamin levels and helps reduce the chances of osteoporosis and various other cancers. Personal garden maintenance also helps increase hand strength and dexterity. Certain bacteria that come in contact with your skin during garden maintenance make you immune to allergies and thereby fix your immunity systems. Garden maintenance helps cure depression and other mental health problems. Thus a whole week of stress and anxiety followed by garden maintenance during the weekends relaxes your brain and prepares you for next week’s ordeal.

Garden Maintenance

Mostly these days, with the busy schedule no one has the personal time to maintain gardens. However keeping in mind the benefits a garden brings to your house, you can always hire professional garden maintenance experts. 


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