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This week I was suckered into doing some DIY projects in our studio. Welcome to DIY #1! This garden floral wheel is REALLY simple (probably why they let me do it), and makes for the perfect garden accent!

If you’re having trouble finding a bicycle wheel, try stopping by a bike shop and ask them for any broken ones they’re hiding in the back. You could also check vintage stores for a wagon wheel! We were lucky enough to have ours donated by the Gears Bike Shop - so if you're near them, be sure to check it out!

And voila! You have a beautiful DIY floral wheel to add that finishing touch to your garden or home!

Thanks so much for watching!

Step 1:Plan the design

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Arrange the flowers and greenery around the wheel 

Step 2:Cut the stems to your desired length

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Make sure you keep them for later! We can use them to fill out the look of the flowers at the end. 

Step 3:Then you’re going to Affix to Wheel

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Begin with the bottom layer, and affix the arrangement using a hot glue gun. 

Step 4:Complete the design by adding stems as desired

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