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Last night I logged in my account and found that someone commented on this tutorial and asked me can post the detailed description of making this egg candle. So I spend some time to write this tutorial today. Hope this tutorial can help someone.

Step 1:Materials:

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Soy wax



Step 2:

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1. Take an egg, and use a knife to dig a small hole in the top part. Please be careful to do this because the egg is fragile.

2. Use a stick to get out the egg white and the egg yolk step by step.

3. Melt the soy wax on a pot.

4. In order to pour easily, making a funnel with Tin foil is a great idea. I forget to record this part. If you want to know the detailed step of making the funnel, please comment on this tutorial or sent the message to me. As long as I have time, I will response you at once. Of course, you can also surf the Internet.

5. Now, pour the wax into the egg carefully. And then insert the wick into the egg.

6.After solidifying, tear off the eggshell.


Now, an egg candle is finished. How about this one? If you want to get the different color one, just add the candle dye into the wax and stir. The other step is the same as the above. Hope you like this tutorial and vote for me in the Homemade Candles Contest. Thank you so much in advance.


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Raysa Colon Cute eggs! Would you mind providing the detailed description of this tutorial? Thank you in advance.

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