Dye your old canvas shoes to look new again

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Summer is coming !

It is my routine to wear canvas shoes in summer days. Glad i found a dye shoes tutorial on this site. Definitely i would give it a go.  So here you can see sharing. It is not so difficult to make. And please vote for my entry if you like it !

Step 1:Gather your supplies

Gather your supplies_dearlivesGather your supplies_dearlivesGather your supplies_dearlives
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All you need are old canvas shoes, painters tape , Rit liquid dye, old newspaper, spray bottle.  

Before start , you need to remove the shoelaces and put the old newspaper into your shoes. Painters tape is also needed if you don’t want dye the shoes in unwanted position. You can stick the soles with the tape.

Step 2:Dye your shoes now

Dye your shoes now_dearlivesDye your shoes now_dearlivesDye your shoes now_dearlives
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Dilute the fuel according to the dye kit instruction and pour it into a spray bottle. First dye would start with the toes part. You just need to spray one quarter of the entire upper part of your shoes.

Now you need to add more water into the spray bottle. Shake it to mix it well. At this time, the dye liquor in the bottle would be lighter. This is why we can get effect of color gradient. Spray from the middle part to the shoes for this time. Then pouring water into the spray bottle for another time to make it even lighter than before. Now you can dye the rest part of the shoes.

Step 3:You did it

You did it_dearlivesYou did it_dearlives
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You just need to dry your shoes now. I didn’t wash it after dyeing. Not sure i am doing it right or wrong. But really like to refashion my old stuff.  Anyway, thanks for the tutorial gave me this inspiration. And please vote for me if you like it.




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