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Who doesn’t love decorating their house with a beautiful candle filled with the smell of your favorite essential oils?

Step 1:Gather Materials

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1 candle

A star mould

Candle Wick

Small glass jar

Step 2:Melt the white candle

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Take out a white candle and then put it into the pot. At the same time, cut the aluminum foil to cover the plate for the next step. Tips: Carefully cover the mold and be sure that the aluminum foil covered the mold leveling.


Now, using the pot, melt down the candle. You can stir with a wooden dowel until the candle completely liquefied about 180 degrees F. To make the liquid colorful, adding some soft pastel into it is a great method. I choose a blue one and cut the powder into the pot continuing stirring with the wooden dowel. If you are in love with deep color, please add more soft pastel you want.

Step 3: Let cool and add essential oils(This step is not necessary. It is up to you.)

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Allow the wax to cool down to 100 degrees F. This step helps prevent the candle from cracking as it solidifies.

If you want to make scented candles, mix your favorite essential oils into the wax is necessary.

Step 4:Pour the wax

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Carefully pour the wax into the covered mold. Allow the wax to sit for a while, watch for the bottom and the top edges to begin to solidify around the aluminum foil. Take a star mold and then carve the shape using the star mold one by one. Let the wax solidify for several hours.

Step 5: Get out all of the stars from the wax

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Now, it’s time to get out all of the stars from the wax. So beautiful, right? You can make colorful stars to decorate your candle. And then put them into different containers separately.

Step 6:Decorate the jar

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Now, get out the wick from the mold prepared before and put it into the small glass jar.

Take out a few stars from the different containers separately and mix them together. Next, pour the mixed stars into the jar. Please prevent your wick from bending.

Step 7:Trim the wick and make it bright

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Trim the wick down to a 1/4 inch to make this candlelight for a long time. Any excess wick can be saved for a day when you make a shorter candle. Now, you can make this candle bright.


After all of that, your DIY project has been finished.

Do you like this one? Do you want to have a try? Just do it.

Lastly, please don’t forget to vote for me in the homemade candles contest. Thank you so much!


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