DIY Succulent Plant with Shrinky Dinks

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DIY Succulent Plant with Shrinky Dinks

When I was a child, I never did the shrinky dinks because it will cost much money to buy material needed in the progress of doing them. Now, I have grown up but still believe that Shrinky Dinks were one of the coolest things ever.

Shrinky Dinks! Shrinky dinks... Sorry, I got a little carried away.

Ok, back to what I want to introduce.

Yesterday, I did a succulent plant, and now I will share with you. Hope you like this one and vote for me. Thank you in advance.


Supplies you will need:

Shrinky dink paper

Hot air gun

Small glass ball

Soft Pastel


UV resin

Quicksand oil

Small glass ball

Clay tool

Some small decorations

Step 1:Draw the leaf shapes and paint them

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Draw the leaf shapes onto the “rough” side of the shrinky dink paper using a pencil... and then cut them out using a knife. If you think the knife is inconvenient, the scissors are available. It is up to you.

Step 2:Paint soft pastel on the leaf shapes with paper

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Take some green and yellow pastels’ powder on the leaf and then color them with paper.
Please leave a little space of the top of these leaves to color the red pastel.

Step 3: Shrink these leaves now

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Take a piece of the leaf and put it on the foam. Now, shrink them with a hot air gun with the help of a pin. When they flatten back out, you know that they are finished shrinking! To make them more alive, you can use a clay tool to shape the leaves. The other leaves are shrunk and shaped in the same way. Hope you get it.

Step 4:Coat and assemble all of the leaves together

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Firstly, drip a little UV resin in the biggest leaves and then use the brush coating each leaf to make the surface smooth and vivid. Before the UV resin dried, assemble them together using tweezers. In this step, please pay attention to the place you put and ensure that they look ordered.

Step 5:Decorate the small glass ball and cover it.

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Put some small stars and some shining powder into the small glass ball. Next, drip the quicksand oil and then use the UV resin covering the mouth of the glass ball.

Now, this project has been finished. I feel so much fun when making this succulent plant, and I am sure you will be happy too if having a try. Please watch this video uploaded in the above. Pretty beautiful right?


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