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Back to school is much more fun when you can’t actually attend school any more. All right? This DIY pencil case tutorial may bring you back to school. If you make it for your kids, it will make them stand out in a classroom full of supplies. Let’s do it.

Step 1:You will need

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Sewing needle

Double-sided tape

Colorful straws

Hot glue gun 

A plastic bottle

A piece of cardboard

Lace trim ribbon 


Step 2:Link the colorful straws

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Stick the double-sided tape on the cardboard and rip off the protector surface of the double-sided tape.

Put these colorful straws on the cardboard until these straws can cover the surface of the plastic bottle.

Connect these straws with sewing material( needle and sewing thread )

Step 3:Decorate the pencil case

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Stick the lace trim ribbon on each length of the connected straws with the hot glue gun.

Turn over the connected straws and fix the cloth on it.

Step 4:Make the body of the pencil case

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Cut the plastic bottle mouth and dig a hole in the bottle( You can cut what you need.).

Take a round from the cardboard and fix at the end of the bottle.

Beautify the bottle with 2 lace trim ribbon at both ends and fix 2 lace trim ribbon around the hole.

Step 5:Fix the connected straws on the bottle

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Stick the connected straws on the bottle and then take 2 pieces of colorful paper to stick at both ends of the bottle.

Step 6:Attach to the button on the connected straws

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Stick two buttons on the body of the connected straws and fix a line between the two buttons.

Now, you can put some stationery into this DIY pencil case.



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Wanda Newsome  What a colorful and lovely pencil case!!!
Wanda Townsend Colorful and wonderful!
Sabrina Millen This DIY pencil case brings me back to the school life. Wonderful!
linda melton @shelly Finney :thank you:bouquet:
shelly Finney Welcome to the contest! I like your your creation. So cute & creative! you got my vote!

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