DIY Beautiful Flowers From Nutshells

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It is common in all the households to get some nuts and branches. And of course, Pistachios and pine nuts will always be there on the list for most of us. Now even those nut shells need to be saved. Because after this post, you don’t want to throw them away anymore.

Step 1:Video Tutorial

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Step 2:Prepare Materials

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Glue Gun


Step 3:Change these nutshells into flowers with a glue gun

Change these nutshells into flowers with a glue gun_dearlives
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Step 4:Sticking these flowers on the branches.

Sticking these flowers on the branches._dearlives
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Step 5:Use pista shells making some leaves on the branches

Use pista shells making some leaves on the branches_dearlives
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Step 6:Put them in the vase,Finished!

Put them in the vase,Finished!_dearlives
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  • Nutshells
  • Glue gun
  • Branches


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Wanda Newsome It looks simple but very pretty.
Wanda Townsend What creative work! Easy but beautiful! 
marlene vichroski Vote for u. I like.
shelly Finney How creative! Simple yet cute! Welcome to the contest! you got my vote!

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