DIY Natural Green Carnations brooch pin

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These adorable carnations brooch were created with the help of some shrink plastic, colored markers, hot air gun and etc.They are actually really easy. Let me show you how to make them!


Pro-tip, use a hand-held heating tool instead of baking these in the oven. Otherwise, once you start, I’m afraid it will be hard to stop the shrinky dink mania.

Step 1:

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You’ll need for this project:

Clay tools

UV resin


Colored pencil

U shape scissors

Heat tool(hot air gun)

One sheet of translucent shrink plastic

Hot Glue Gun(not mandatory, but really helpful)

Step 2:

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First, draw some circles of different sizes on the shrink plastic with a pencil. Then, cut them out of the plastic and at the same time, cut the edge with the U shape scissors to shape the petals. This part will take a lot of time to set so make sure you have enough time to do this. Of course, You can turn to your friends for help.

Step 3:

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Color the petals with a green pencil.

Cut the petals with a knife or scissors.

Step 4:

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Now, shrink it with a heat tool and clay tools

Apply heat tool and shrink the plastic. It will curl up and rock around a bit, but when the plastic is fully shrunk, it will be flat. So you can use the clay tools to shape during shrinking. There is another way, let it cool for a few seconds so you can handle it with your hands safely while it’s still warm and pliable.

This step needs to be repeated three times because I have prepared three petals for this brooch.

Now, shrinking has been finished.

Step 5:

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This step is optional. Resin is handy and can make the pieces last for a long time.

Apply the UV resin on the surface of these three petals (use a paintbrush you can throw out. )

After that, shine them with a UVLED-D until make them dries.

Step 6:

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Assemble these petals with hot glue gun from outside to inside.

Step 7:

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This is the super easy part!

Take the blank brooch pin and hot glue it to the back of the Carnation.

There you go. The brooch pin is ready.

If you have any questions, ask!


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