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I remember that the first time I played with Shrinky Dinks is a little girl. It was on a recent trip to the art store that I rediscovered the world of Shrinky Dinks and found sheets of special paper that are perfect for making your own DIY Shrinky Dinks. There are a million and one things you can do with finished Shrinky Dinks but, before we get to that, here’s how you make them.

Step 1:Supplies you’ll need for making this one.

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Shrink film


Colored pencil


Step 2:Draw the draft you will make

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Draw the draft you will make. About the detailed, please refer to the video which uploaded above. And I have marked the amount you will need in the progress. Then, you can draw them on a shrink film, including the hole shape. Cut them out of the shrink film is the next step.

Step 3:Color these Shrinky Dinks

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After cutting them out, color them. To make them look more natural, I cut the yellow soft pastel on the shrink film and then use a napkin to color them. After that, draw the chook eyes, mouth, and foot. So cute, right? I can imagine the scene while you are drawing them and smiling gracefully. Once your Shrinky Dinks have cooled it’s time to seal them so that the colored pencil does not rub off.

Step 4:Shrink time

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Shrink all of them. It’s normal for your design to curl during the shrinking process. If your design curls and gets stuck and does not uncurl, the clay tool is available and very useful.

Step 5: Assemble them together

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Firstly, use the metal-stud earrings fix the chook shape. Please leave a little room ensuring that the chook can be free to remove.

Secondly, drop little glue on the frame and fix the chooks one by one.

Thirdly, assemble the base step by step.

Now, it is time to attach them together. Use a hairpin to cross through the hole between the base and frame.

Hope you are feeling inspired to start shrinking! I’d love to see what Shrinky Dink ideas you come up with!


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