DIY Halloween Spooky Candle Holder for Home Decoration

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Here is a DIY idea to add a horrific atmosphere to your space on Halloween.Easy and interesting.Detail project is followed. 

Step 1:Prepare Materials.

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Transparent paper





Glue gun

Hot melt glue



Paint (black,red)

Step 2:Stick the Paper.

Stick the Paper._dearlives
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Spread the glue evenly over the other side of the paper and stick the paper on the glass carefully.

Step 3:Draw on the Transparent Paper.

Draw on the Transparent Paper._dearlivesDraw on the Transparent Paper._dearlives
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Shear a piece of transparent paper.

Draw scary eyes and mouth on one side of the paper.

Make it look like a monster.

Step 4:Apply the Hot Melt Glue.

Apply the Hot Melt Glue._dearlives
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Highlight the eyes and mouth with hot melt glue and drop it on the surface of the glass except the eyes and mouth.

Step 5:Spray the Paint.

Spray the Paint._dearlivesSpray the Paint._dearlivesSpray the Paint._dearlives
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Cover the eyes and mouth with paper in case they are painted.

Spray the paint over the whole glass.

Uncover the eyes and mouth of a holder and carve out the eyes and mouth of the other holder.

Let it dry completely.

Step 6: Light the Candle.

 Light the Candle._dearlives
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Cut a bit of candle, put it into the glass and light it striking a match.

Step 7:Show Time.

Show Time._dearlives
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One candle holder have been done and make the other just following the same steps.

Turn off the light and you will feel the horror.

Watch the video for detail steps. Vote for me. Thank you!


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