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Are there some special things can be added to my simple hairpin ? It can make me outstanding in Halloween ,and then the Halloween Bat occurs to me.So making a bat hairpin maybe a good idea.Let's do it.

Step 1:Draw the Bat

Draw the Bat _dearlives
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Draw a small bat shape onto the “rough” side of the Shrinky Dink paper using a balck colored pencil.

Step 2:Make the Bat's Eyes

Make the Bat's Eyes_dearlivesMake the Bat's Eyes_dearlives
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Carve out two small eyes with a carving knife first and then cut out the bat pattern with detail scissors.

Note:When you cut out the pattern,you must be very careful to get an unbroken bat.

Step 3:Color the Bat

Color the Bat_dearlives
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Color the bat in black crayon powder.

Step 4:Heat the Bat

Heat the Bat _dearlives
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Heat the bat pattern with an air-heater.The pattern will curl up and shrink,and when they flatten back out you know that they are finished.

Step 5:Make the Bat Lively

Make the Bat Lively_dearlives
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Lift the bat's wings in your hand as if the bat is flying.

Note:Don't burn your hands when doing the step 4 and 5 processes.

Step 6:Apply the Glue

Apply the Glue_dearlives
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Apply the glue evenly over both surfaces of the bat,which can make the bat not fade.

Step 7:Make The Spring

Make The Spring_dearlivesMake The Spring_dearlives
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Make a spring with 0.4mm copper wire when waiting the glue to dry.

Get proper length copper wire,straighten it and bend it to a spring coil using the round nose pliers.

Pull the spring to increase its elasticity.


Step 8:Make the Bat Hairpin

Make the Bat Hairpin_dearlivesMake the Bat Hairpin_dearlivesMake the Bat Hairpin_dearlives
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Apply the uv glue to both ends of the spring and the belly of the bat.  

Attach the hairpin to one end of the spring and the bat to the other end,then use the general uv lamp to cure.

Now one bat hairpin is finished and you can follow above steps to make more.Hope you will like it and vote for me.


  • Hairpin
  • Shrinky Dink paper
  • Balck colored pencil
  • SIissors
  • Black crayon
  • Air-heater
  • Glue
  • Spring
  • Copper wire
  • Round nose pliers
  • UV Lamp


Sorry, liked already!


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catherine luzzi Very cute ! :grinning:
byron proffer Beautiful ! I want to make one to wear at Halloween. 

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