DIY GLITTER HEELS- upcycling old heels using glue gun, glitter and mod podge

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Hello beautiful souls!

I'm your crafty friend here.

I had an old pair of heels lying, so i upcyled it using a few easily available items and made a completely classy glitter heels .

I used glue gun to stick and repair the torn parts of the shoe. Then i coated it with mod podge and covered in glitter.

Later to make it permanent i used a fixite spray to seal the glitter.

This transformed a boring old heels into a sassy glittering one!

I hope you all like this idea!

Love y'all,



*spreading creativity with love and passion*

Step 1:Repairing

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After cleaning the old shoes, I used a hot glue gun to stick the torn straps ans fix the sole.

It's a very permanent and inexpensive way to fix things. Hot glue gun works wonderfully

Step 2:Glittering!

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Apply a thick coat of mod podge using a sponge or a normal brush.

Coat the shoe with glitter (any colour you like, after coating the original colour of the shoe won't be visible)

Dust of the excess glitter

Let it dry for atleast 4-5 hours

(Note- use a second coat of glitter to get better coverage)

Now there are two ways to seal the glitter

1. Use a fixite spray(the easiest and fastest way)

2. Give another coating of mod podge using a SPONGE (DO NOT USE BRUSH, the brush might cause excess glitter to fall off)


VIOLA! WE DID IT😀_dearlives
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Finally your glitter shoe will be ready!

Wear it at proms or date nights.

It suits every occasion and you get to chose the colour you want to make.

In addition it's so inexpensive that that all can make one !

Now jump right into your DIY PROJECT and make a glittering heels for yourself.

(You can glitter any kind of shoes, it's all upto you)

Love y'all,

Amrita 😀


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