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Want to propose to your loved one in a creative and romantic way? Surprise them with this candle! It's

easy to


and can be burned while watching a movie or doing other activities. Or, just put cute jewelry inside for a friend!


- Lots of old candles

- Braided string with a screw attacked/a wick

- An easter egg shell

- A screw

- Colored Crayons

- A tough plastic container

- A ring

- A bowl

- 4 metal cans

- Cold water


- A griddle/stove

- Matches/a lighter

- Oven mitts

- Tongs

- A knife

Step 1:Candle/Ring Base

Candle/Ring Base_dearlivesCandle/Ring Base_dearlivesCandle/Ring Base_dearlivesCandle/Ring Base_dearlivesCandle/Ring Base_dearlives
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First, we need to make our candle, or what the ring stands on.

1.  Take the top of your easter egg off (make sure if has a hole, if it doesn't add one yourself)

2. Place your wick/Braided string with a screw attacked at the bottom of the easter egg

3.  Close the top of the egg, making sure to pull the wick through the top hole

4. Create a paper funnel and stick it in the hole

5.  Melt white wax from old candles and gently pour it inside the hole until the bottom fills up

6.  Wait for the wax to completely cool.

(optional: cut the screw off of the bottom)

Step 2:Add the Ring

Add the Ring_dearlivesAdd the Ring_dearlivesAdd the Ring_dearlives
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Now, we add our secret container. Make sure it's made of tough plastic. Mine was a little too thin, so it started to melt. Or, don't use plastic at all and use a glass ring case.

1.  After the bottom has cooled, position the ring/case next to the wick. Make sure it doesn't touch the outer edges of the egg shell.

2.  Put the top of the easter egg back on (pulling the wick through the top again)

3. Add the paper funnel again

4. Using the same wax as before, pour it through the funnel until it reaches the top. 

5. Wait for it to cool completely, then remove the egg shell. 

Step 3:Colorful Wax

Colorful Wax_dearlivesColorful Wax_dearlivesColorful Wax_dearlivesColorful Wax_dearlives
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Here comes the fun part! We're using dyed waxes to created different colors, and layer them so they create an interesting design.

1. Melt as much old white/clear wax as you can find on a griddle. This will probably take a while. 

2.  Pour white/clearish wax into 4 separate cans. These cans should be taller than the base candle, and not overflow when the base is dipped into them.

3. Plop crayon bits into the melted wax and stir so the color is uniform (I used pink, purple and red)

4. Turn your head down a little, then dip the base candle into a color of your choice.

5. Dip the now wax-covered base into a bowl of cold water so it's fully submerged.

6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until the candle is too heavy to hold or you reached your desired effect. 

7. While the candle is still warm, move onto the next step. 

Step 4:Carving

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Finally, we're going to turn this lump of wax into a flower.  You can be as creative as you want in this step, it can look however you want. I based my candle off of a rose. 

1. Use a knife and make deep cuts into the warm wax.

2. Gently pull back the cut wax so it curves into a petal shape.

3. Repeat  until you reach the top, making the petals progressively smaller and alternating where you cut,

4. Add gold dust onto the edges for extra flair.


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shehr qasir I will do this for my girlfriend to give her a surprise.

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