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Halloween is coming.Here are some ornaments made by myself.Easy tutorial is for you.

Step 1:Materials

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Hot gun

Flash powder(purple,yellow)


UV glue

UV lamp


Some small parts

Wing-shaped frame

Step 2:Eyeball Monster

Eyeball Monster_dearlivesEyeball Monster_dearlivesEyeball Monster_dearlives
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Chose a pedestal with patterns and apply the uv glue evenly added with the purple flash powder.

And then remove blisters with a hot gun.

Put the pupil material into the glue.

Form the shape using the uv lamp as soon as possible to make a 3D eye.

Add the same purple glue on the wing-shaped frame.

Stick the wings to the back of the pedestal.

Step 3:Simple Style

Simple Style_dearlivesSimple Style_dearlives
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Add some black nail polish and uv glue into the another pedestal.

Place some small metal parts into the glue.

Stick the wings to it.

Step 4:Vampire Castle

Vampire Castle_dearlivesVampire Castle_dearlivesVampire Castle_dearlives
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Add the uv glue mixed with the yellow and purple flash powder to the heart-shaped frame.

Cut a piece of suitable material and put it into the pedestal.

Make a pair of yellow and purple wings.

Dry it with hot gun and uv lamp.

Stick the wings same as above.

Step 5:Show Time

Show Time_dearlivesShow Time_dearlivesShow Time_dearlivesShow Time_dearlives
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Three small and delicate ornaments have been done.There are many same among the steps,so this tutorial is so easy.Anyone even can make it.Thanks.


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