DIY Crescent Moon Dreamcatcher with Fairy Lights Tutorial

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I had some fairly lights laying around from a clean up and decided to up-cycle them with a glue gun  into a new dreamer project . 


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Sorry, liked already!


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Max Curelaru @KimCrystal : Yes, it's true.  Sorry for my disturb. Let official people solve it. Thank you.
Kim Crystal @Max Curelaru :
Kim Crystal I have no comment other than this. I have no responsibility over what the general public says and that I never have publicly commented anything todards or in relation to your post. This is a platform for art not drama and I will not become involved in your disputes with the general public. 
Max Curelaru Hi Kim Crystal, I'm waiting for your response to this issue for a long time already. It's true that I asked many people to vote for me, but your fans just made a fake screenshot evidence for you. I reported to official people already. I won't say a word anymore if you still allow their continual spite for you. It's such a big waste of time. God bless you! Thank you! 
shelly Finney :blush: CONGRATS!! Beautiful work!
kimberly davis :sweat_smile: but I like this dreamcatcher 
mark heath @anitamichael : A good question! No trash video joins trash to treasure contest. :scream: 
Tina Hamilton  @anita michael : I also think about this.
mark heath All your lovers abuse your competitor. I watched a big movie. 
Jane Ironworks Just subscribed to your YouTube channel you have so many amazing ideas and very clear instructions. Think I'm going to use some embroidery hoops I have no use for until now! Thank you!!!
Lexis Van Heign Always love your ideas! Go team DC! :heart:
Crystal Laytart My daughter loves dreamcatchers. She seen the this one and begged me to make it for her. She has several little ones we've purchased, but no big one or unusual ones like this. I love how you show what to do so well. Thanks.
Nicolette Jan This is so cool. I found some old inner  embroidery hoops I had no idea what to do with them. Was about to throw them in the trash. Definitely going to give this a go. Thanks 
Lakota RedWolf Very clear tutorial thank you
Emma Debrove This is so cool!! I was just about to throw my string lights in the trash but think I’ll turn them into this. Great tutorial can’t wait to see more of your DIY’s!!
Julie Janssen I love this! My daughter was going to throw out her old fairy lights but now we are making this together. LOVE IT!
Staci Tongate Schuster LOVE IT!
anita michael what's trash in this ?
Kathy Mosedale Just beautiful. You encourage me to be more creative. 
Carmen Rosario Like the way you explain everything i like it a lot????
Jennifer Halstead Can't wait to make this so beautiful
Wanda Newsome So nice work!
Wanda Townsend Beautiful work! It's very suitable for home decoration.
Diann Sapien LOVE HER WORK!!!
Diann Sapien LOVE HER WORK!!!

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