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Looking to decorate this Christmas with a  grapevine wreath? Nothing delights the senses like natural elements. Mother Nature always has a way of making us feel inspired and wowed at the same time. This Christmas wreath to make your home ultra cool. It is simple so you won’t have a hard time even if you are an amateur. Even if you’ve never made a wreath in your life, you’ll find the process easy. 

Step 1:The Video Tutorial

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Step 2:Supplies

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Grapevine wreath of any size

Branches with leaves

Iron wire

String Light

Decorations: Dry leaves, Pinecone, Preserved Cotton and so on.

Step 3:Step

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1. Wrap the Grapevine wreath with leaves ( You can buy the grapevine wreath anywhere, you also can do it yourself)

2. Fix them with Iron Wire (It's recommended to use thinner wires, you can hide it well)

3. Add some decorations and fix them.

4. Wrap the wreath with string light.

5. Completed!


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