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Only 12 more days until Christmas! My favorite holiday..... In light of this holiday season, I thought it is fun to show you a little DIY Christmas gift fit for any of your friends and family. It's extremely easy to make and best of all you can customize it however way you'd like.  Let's get started!

Step 1:Materials you will need:

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Christmas Tree Mold

A&B Epoxy Resin


Nail Striping Tape




Wooden Stick

A Notebook

A Blank Mirror

Small Spoon


Step 2:Step By Step

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1. Mix the A resin, B resin and red colorants. Make the ratio of A glue: B Glue is 2.5:1. use a wooden stick to stir in one direction until it is completely mixed.

2. Add them to the notebook case. Use Wooden stick to push or move it around so they are evenly spread the surface of the notebook case.

3. Mix the resin and green colorants, add some white glitter and some white paillette, Uniform mixing.

4. Pour them into the Christmas tree mold, after pouring, use a toothpick to pick out the air bubble. wait till dry. 

5. After the epoxy is completely cured, release it from the mold.

6. Mix the resin, some white glitter and some white paillette, Uniform mixing.

7. Evenly spread on the notebook case.

8. Cut down some nail strips of the striping tape and stick them on the notebook case

9. Spread a layer of UV glue to the notebook case, then put the Christmas tree and some star paillette on the book

10. Spread a layer of UV glue to the Christmas tree, add some Christmas accessories.

11. Wait till dry then done!


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Wanda Newsome Thank you for your sharing. I will try this.

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