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This DIY project is a nice gift to your friends but also can decorate your house on Christmas day. There is one thing you know about me before I start this article. I actually don’t mind a little DIY, I can’t say I’m always good at it, but I like a challenge!

Now, we can now continue.

Step 1:Things you will need:

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A short string of LED lights

White quartz sand


A piece of snow


A temp cord

Two glass bottles

Some decorations


Crystal glue

Step 2:Prepare the bottle and remove the labels

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Prepare the bottle and remove any labels from the glasses. To lift the labels, a razor scraper is a great method for removing quickly. And then clean the glass with warm soapy water. Let it dry before moving on to the next step.

Step 3:Start to decorate the bottles

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I apply the crystal glue all over the bottle, then sprinkled generous amounts of white quartz sand all over the bottle (You can put a tray under the bottle so you can save the extra white quartz sand and put it back in the container). And then let the crystal glue dry for about 1 hour.

Next, fix the snow using the ribbon on the mouth of the bottle. You can put a candle in this bottle to create a warm atmosphere.

Now, decorate another bottle. Pour the extra white quartz sand into the bottle, then put the string of LED lights into the bottle and test it whether it can work or not. Fix the bells on the mouth of the bottle.

Merry Christmas!!!


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