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Do you love crafting and cute things? Then the DIY Antlers Brooch made by shrink film is the perfect project for you! I love shrinky plastic because it contains a kind of magic that can bring happiness to me. And I also like to think I’m pretty good with shrink plastic. Trust me. Next, I will share a project with you, named Antlers Brooch which combined the shrink film with clay together. Happy, happy, happy!

Step 1:What you need:

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Shrink film


Colorful clay


Soft pastel

Polymer clay


Hot glue gun

Step 2:

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Draw the head of the Antlers on the paper first and then copy the shape with a translucent shrink film. It’ easy step for you right? Don't count your chickens before they are hatched. Carve the shape from the shrink film slowly. THE KNIFE IS SHARP. DO IT CAREFULLY. Bling, bling, bling. This shape has been carved from the shrink film. Great, right?

Step 3:

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Take some soft pastel, including the red, white, black and yellow. Use the swab to paint the Antlers. In this step, it is time to test your artistic. Hope you are fine. After that, you can shrink the Antlers until it is flat.

Step 4:

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Rubbing, squeezing, and pressuring the white polymer clay, Use it as the undertone. After finished this, put it aside to wait for using.

Making rose. This step is hard for me. I experience many times of fails but succeed at last. Here it is, I will explain one rose’s making step. (If you have any question, please send the message or comment. I am very happy to answer to you.) After rubbing, squeezing, and pressuring, take the toothpick and little pink polymer clay. Squeeze the clay like a rose petal and then stick it on the toothpick. Squeeze and stick one by one. Everyone can refer to the real rose to get some inspiration. After rose making, take it down off the toothpick. To make this rose strong, baking them is necessary. A hot air gun can be used in this step. Don’t forget to make some leaves to add some spring atmosphere. Due to time is limited, I make some leaves at random.

Now, put all of the decorations on the white polymer clay and bake it using the hot air gun until it is dry.

Step 5:

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Coat the UV resin on the surface to make it more beautiful and then let it dry. Lastly, use the hot glue gun sticking the brooch.


Ta-da! Done. Start showing off your DIY cuteness! Happy crafting!



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