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My second trying for this resin pendant. Successful! 

Step 1:

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First, tear the tape apart and paste it on the back of the metal frame.

Drop a drop of glue in the middle of the metal frame.

Scrape the glue evenly with a toothpick. 

Bake it for 2 minutes under a uv lamp. 

Step 2:

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Drop 3 drops of UV glue on a card paper.

Scrape a bit of blue and white pearl powder onto the glue with a toothpick, then mix the glue and the pearl powder evenly. 

Step 3:

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Drop a drop of UV glue in the middle of the baked metal frame.

Squeeze a little black Color Concentrate on the toothpick, then mix it in the glue

Bake it after done. 

Step 4:

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Wipe the toothpick dry and scrape a little white glue onto the frame then add UV layer.

Bake it after done.

Continue to toning when baking.

Step 5:

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Repeat step 4 with darker color after baking. Then scrape out the pattern with toothpick. Then bake again. 

Step 6:

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Drop another drop of glue on paper. Sprinkle a bit of silver glitter and mix well.

Put the mixed glue into the stripe with a toothpick. Add glue onto it again and some white pearl powder, then mix them.

At last, add some blue glitter in glue then add it onto stripes. Bake it.

Here comes the beautiful pendant. 


  • UV glue
  • Frame Mold
  • Toothpick
  • Paper
  • Giltter
  • Pearl powder
  • UV lamp
  • Tape


Sorry, liked already!


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