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Hello, today I will share a tutorial of the photo wall. Everyone can do it at home. Let’s have a try. If you like this tutorial, please vote for me.

Step 1:Prepare the material you need

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Hemp Cord

Wooden clips

Hot glue and a hot glue gun

Rotten branches

Step 2:Tie hemp cord on the rotten branches

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Cut some same length of the hemp cord, and then fix two rotten branches on each end of the hemp cord. Finally, cut off extra hemp cord.

Step 3:Stick decorations

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Stick decorations what you like with hot glue on the rotten branch. And clip the wood clips on the hemp cord.

Step 4:Clip photos on the photo wall

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Now, the photo wall finished. It’s time to clip the photos on the photo wall that you took recently. Hope everyone likes it. Thank you.


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byron proffer Cute!
krystal montagano So easy to make one according to your video, thank. 
John Paul Simple and Nice...

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