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Recently, many of my friends have asked me how to do such a beautiful mobile phone case, so I have taken all the steps in this process and gave you a simple phone case DIY tutorial. If you don't understand, you can leave a message, I will reply to you if I am online.

Step 1:Gather all the materials

Gather all the materials_dearlives
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Epoxy resin

Glitter powder

Electronic scale

Clear phone case

Disposable mixing cup





E600 glue

Cotton swab

Step 2:Measuring your glue solution

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First take out the electronic scale, peeled back to zero. Then add 30g of resin A. Make sure you are in a well-ventilated place. Now you can add about 10g of resin B using a dropper. Try to be as precise as you can when adding resin B. If the resin B is too less, this phone case can't be dry so easily. And the case would be ruined.

Now you can use wooden stirrers to mix your resin. Try to be evenly at a constant speed. If you mixing it to fast, the resin will get more air bulbs in this step. Now you can put the resin at aside and wait for the bubble to disappear. It usually takes 10 minutes.


You can also mix your resin according to the instructions on the box.

Step 3:Choosing the color of the glitter

Choosing the color of the glitter_dearlivesChoosing the color of the glitter_dearlivesChoosing the color of the glitter_dearlivesChoosing the color of the glitter_dearlives
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You can choose the color of the glitter when waiting for the air bubble to disappear. I choose 5 of them. Take out the phone case, apply E600 glue evenly on it, and gently spread the glitter powder you have chosen along the direction of the oblique triangle. Now you can add the resin to the glitter. Note that adding glue should not be too fast and too much. Wipe off the excess glue around the phone case edge with a cotton swab. If there is a bubble to pick it up with a toothpick, if you don't break it, there will still be bubbles after you finished the phone case.


If necessary, you can apply a second layer of glue. Just wait after the first layer is dry. It usually takes 24 hours to dry out. I prepared lots of glue, so I made several phone cases this time. So much fun in this resin phone case DIY.


Stay crafting!



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