DIY: Making a small starry sky

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Hi, guys! This is the first time I share the DIY tutorial on Dearlives.  Please support me and welcome comments!

Step 1:Prepare all the material you need

Prepare all the material you need _dearlives
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AB glue of 0.67 lb(30g)

UV glue

Color essence


pearl powder

Stirring sticks

Molds set

Disposable measuring cup 

A small spoon

Cotton swab

Step 2:Color modulation

Color modulation_dearlivesColor modulation_dearlivesColor modulation_dearlivesColor modulation_dearlives
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Pour the AB glue into the disposable measuring cup.

Dip color essence, powder, pearl powder with a small spoon into the disposable measuring cup.(Of course, If you want to get the color deeply, you can add more color essence in the epoxy resin solution. It is totally up to you. )

Lastly, use the stirring sticks to stir well.

Step 3:Pour into molds set and wait

Pour into molds set and wait_dearlivesPour into molds set and wait_dearlives
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Pour it into molds to about 3/4 of total molds height. Make sure no bubbles after curing(First layer) . 

Then place it about 10 hours in a safe place.

Step 4:Decorate the starry sky

Decorate the starry sky_dearlivesDecorate the starry sky_dearlivesDecorate the starry sky_dearlivesDecorate the starry sky_dearlivesDecorate the starry sky_dearlives
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Use cotton swab to dip the pearl powder or put some plastic stars on the first layer. (You can make different textures according to yourself.)

After that, drop the UV glue as last layer.

Bake it with manicure lamp about 120s.

Step 5:Show the starry sky

Show the starry sky_dearlivesShow the starry sky_dearlives
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Now it is the time to remove the resin pendants from the mold and show the starry sky!`



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