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Got time for a quick craft? I whipped up this crazy beautiful (in my opinion) filigree bat in Photoshop and made a necklace out of it. Since I am but a poor maker with no fancy equipment such as a laser cutter (which I am still pining for, by the way) - I made do with one of my favorite materials, shrink plastic. 


Shrink plasticTemplateDie-cutter (optional) orX-acto knife

Step 1:

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Cut your template - obviously this craft comes together really fast if you have a cutting machine, but you can always cut it by hand (God knows that's what I did before I got my cutting machine). Bake according to the package's instructions. Someone tipped me to use a ceramic tile when baking shrink plastic, and it's true - it gives you great results! I was totally amazed.

Step 2:

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Spray paint the bat with your preferred color (in my case, a matte black) and attach your chain. I chose an antique brass colored chain, but I'm still on the border on whether I should've used silver instead, or maybe even a gunmetal gray one.

Step 3:

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Admire your creation (or strut around while wearing it)! I love how it turned out. If you're not feeling the necklace, you can always make smaller ones to wear as trapeze earrings.

Step 4:

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Sometimes you just have bad days - I tried to take photos of myself wearing it but I just wasn't feeling the photo session and ended up deleting them all. Do you have days like that?

Step 5:

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I am into skulls the most, but I fell in love with this delicate bat right here. Seems like I'm so into delicate stuff lately.

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