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After having knowledge of the Halloween DIY Contest in, I am always anxious about doing a tutorial because I hope it can give other people some inspiration. Of course, it would be better if the tutorial made by me can be awarded some prize. Luckily, last night, I came across some colorful clay at home while tidying up my DIY material package. Maybe I can make some decorations with these clay for Halloween.

Step 1:Materials

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Various colors of clay(Including black, white, orange, purple, )

The tool of the clay






Step 2:Making the “blackboard”

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1.Take out some black clay and press it so that it can be as a blackboard.Next, cut off the rest part around the black clay with a knife. After that, it can be a rectangle.

2.Prepare some orange clay to decorate the blackboard around the edge step by step.

Step 3:Decorate the “blackboard”

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1. Make two bones by white clay with the help of the clay tool and then fix them on the blackboard.

2. Use different color clay to make some round shape, press and fix them on the blackboard as the hands of these figures.

Step 4:Producing figures

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1. Make the heads of skulls, cats, and pumpkin respectively.

2. Stick the black eyes on these “heads”. Fix the different color clay on the black eyes as an eyeball.

3. Draw their noses and mouths with a pen. At the same time, fix the cat’s ears on the “head”.

Step 5:Redecorate the black board

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1. Install two nails on the blackboard and stick them with glue.

2. Draw a spider web and write some words, like HAPPY HALLOWEEN on the blackboard with a pen. Of course, you can also draw some others pattern.

3. Link the two nails with a thin aluminum wire so that it can be hung.

4. Cut little of the “head” for sticking them easily and then stick them respectively.

Step 6:Making their legs

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1. You need to pinch some legs with clay firstly. Next, link the foot and leg with aluminum wire. Other legs are made in the same way.

2. Decorate these legs with other color clay. You just need to roll a circle around the leg.

3. Stick these legs with under the figure respectively.

Hope you can give me a vote. Thank you.


  • Various colors of clay(Including black, white, orange, purple, )
  • Knife
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Nails
  • Pen


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catherine luzzi Great idea ! So cute !
byron proffer They are lovely.Thank you for sharing.

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