Decor Tips To Bring Life Back Into Older Homes

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An older home has character and personality, it’s a soulful place. This is precisely why some people are drawn to older homes so much. With that being said, even though the renovation work might be a bit challenging, it’s also very rewarding, especially when you decide to enhance the charms of the past with modern touch-ups. If you’re interested in bringing life back into an older home, the following tips and practices can help you with that.

Put some effort into fresh paintwork

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Older homes usually feature beautiful molding, trim and door details. But, if these details show considerable signs of damage, your best course of action is to use the same paint color for walls, trim and ceilings. You can use a glossier finish for the trim to make it stand out a bit more. But, if you’re lucky to have trimwork in a relatively good condition, feel free to paint the trim in a contrasting neutral shade. This will definitely bring attention to this aspect of your home and show it off properly. In case you have windows and areas with stained glass, you might want to consider using white and other brighter paint shades around this area to accentuate the artwork beautifully. 

Spruce up the look of your windows

If you really like the vintage trim of your windows, feel free to show it off. You can also use in-window shades that will add a modern touch to the area without hiding the gorgeous detailing of the trim. On the other hand, if you’re not quite satisfied with the look and placement of the windows in your old home, yet you still don’t want to take up the task of renovating in this regard, you can use long wall draperies to conceal the awkwardness without blocking the light completely. 

Mix different styles and periods with your furnishings

Certain elements in your old home are bound to be modern, such as your seating arrangement. But, you don’t have to go overboard with the modern vibe in order to enjoy its comfort. For instance, gorgeous leather lounge suites are the perfect choice for seating as they feature soft colors and sleek lines that don’t clash with the home’s atmosphere. Furthermore, open shelving is definitely a great modern addition for creating more storage that tends to match perfectly with vintage architecture and old-school elements such as built-in bookshelves. Feel free to bring in some items that feel vintage to you so that you can create a nice balance inside your old home when you introduce modern appliances, as well. 

Use rustic details

Rustic details and the trend of bringing the outdoors inside work very well for older homes. With that said, don’t hesitate to make the most out of the distressed wood technique, patina look, woven baskets and other details and maybe even some pieces of commonly outdoor furniture such as using an outdoor table as a dining one. Also, don’t hesitate to introduce plenty of greenery into your home. Plants are very beneficial for your health and mood and go well with this kind of look. 

Break unusual layout into zones

It’s not uncommon for older homes to feature a more unusual layout for certain rooms. If that’s the case with your home as well, you can deal with this issue by separating these sections into zones. For instance, area rugs work quite effectively when you want to break a long narrow hallway into sections. Asymmetrical rugs are ideal for balancing out oddly shaped rooms as well. Not to mention that rugs add an extra touch of warmth and texture, which is always good. Room dividers as well as carefully positioned furniture can also effectively separate certain areas and break unusual layouts into zones. 

Regardless of your preferred style and the way you want to deal with your old home redecor and redesign, it still has to feel like your home. Therefore, don’t hesitate to fill up the space with personal items and other things that have a special meaning to you. 


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