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Shrink film isn't just for the kids. It’s fun for all ages. They also make great gifts for your friends. The entire process is extremely easy, and the result is unique and charmingly adorable.

Step 1:Supplies needed to make the pink lily

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Brass wire

Hot air gun

Shrink film


Colored pencil(green, yellow, red)

Soft pastel (green, yellow, red, white)

Gather tools and materials listed above.

Step 2:Making the petals

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1. Cut out of the petals, color them

Cut the petals and leaves out of shrink film using scissors.

Carve a line with a knife slightly. The line near the bottom cuts a little to the sides.

Color the stem first. Color to the bottom of the petals with a green pencil then the yellow and red-brown one.

Color the whole petals with pink and white soft pastels. Please Keep in mind the order of coloring. You can refer to the video uploaded above.


2. Punch the hole, decorate the petals and fix them

Punch the hole with an awl at the end of the petal. If you have puncher, it will be much better. Next, draw some points on the petals to add the feeling of reality.

Fix the petal with the brass wire to be convenient for you to shrink them.


3. Now, you can shrink them.

Use a hot air gun to shrink the petals. After that, shape them with your hands and coat them with nail polish.


These steps help you know how to make the petals of a pink lily.

Step 3:Making the leaves

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1. Cut out of the leaves, color them

Cut the shape of the leaves and use a knife to carve the stem.

Color them with green soft pastel. You can use a napkin to color.


2 and 3 step are the same as the making the petals. You can look through the steps above or watch the video.

Step 4:Making pistil and stamen

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A flower is made up of four parts: the sepal, petal, pistil, and stamen. Hence, in this step, I will introduce how to make pistil and stamen of pink lily.

1.make the pistil

Wrap a pen to make three circles with brass wire.

Shape the pistil and wrap with yellow sewing line.


2.make the stamen

Take a brass wire and some of the orange and white sewing line to wrap the brass wire. You should repeat this step five times.

Step 5:Assembling them together

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1. Fix the pistil and stamen

Take the pistil first and then the stamen. Wrap them together one by one. Tip: the pistil is taller than the stamen.

2. Assemble the petals and the leaves

After fixing the pistil and stamen, the next step is to assemble the petals and leaves. In this step, please pay more attention to the layering.

3. Trim the pistil and the stamen

To make the flower look more realistic, you can trim the pistil and stamen with your hands.


For a visual guide to making your DIY pink lily, follow this step-by-step video tutorial!

Hope you like this tutorial, and show your project. Don’t forget to vote for me. Thank you for your support.


  • Brass wire
  • Shrink film
  • Knife
  • Colored pencil(green, yellow, red-brown)
  • Soft pastel (green, yellow, red, white)
  • Hot air gun


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Vita Badalamenti So beautiful craft. I can't wait to try it. Thank you so much.

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