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A coin machine is shared with you. Hope you like this one and vote me.

Step 1:Material

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Hot glue gun

Some kinds of coins

Step 2:Sliding track

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Cut a rectangular cardboard and measure the length you need with a ruler. Make sure the diameter of each kind of coins and then cut off the mark marked by pencil.Fix two side protectors.

Step 3:Fixing the body of the coin machine

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Firstly, prepare the cardboard you need (You can watch this video uploaded above.). Stick the body of the coin machine.

Step 4:Fixing the sliding track

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Prepare cardboard and stick three or four clapboards on it which is based on your needs.These clapboards are used to hold the sliding track.

Stick a clapboard in front of you to form some grooves to save your coins.

Lastly, you can apply the sliding track on the body of the coin machine.( Please put the groove of bigger diameter down.)

Step 5:Seal the coin machine with cardboard

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Seal the coin machine with cardboard and then you can mark the face value of the coin.

Step 6:Decorate the coin machine

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You can choose the colorful paper you like and stick to the surface of the coin machine.


Happy Making.

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Wanda Townsend Great job!It's practical and useful!
James Bond Good job!
Robin Sullivan I made one according to your blog for my mother. She said it's very practical for her shop. :kissing_heart:

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