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Christmas is coming. Are you crazy about this festival? Do you want to do some things for this Christmas? Maybe this tutorial can make some contribution. It will be a great honor for me if you like this. Making this project is pretty easy. I believe that you will get it quickly. Of course, if you have any questions, please contact me at any time or comment on this tutorial. I will answer to you at once. Now, It’s time to share this tutorial with you. Hope you like.

Step 1: Tools & Supplies you will need:

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Green pigment



Some decorations

Hot glue gun

Toilet paper tube

Step 2:Paint the toilet paper tube

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In this step, please paint the toilet paper tube with the green pigment. It’s easy, right? But, please be careful that your hands may be attached to the green pigment so wearing gloves is a great way before starting to paint.

Don’t forget to paint the inside part.

Put them on the table until it is dry.

Step 3:Cut them as several parts and assemble them

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Now, flatten and cut them as several same parts. The length is about 1cm. Of course, little error is allowed. After finishing that, stick them together using a hot glue gun. Five-petalled will become a flower.

Step 4:Fix these flowers together

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Firstly, put them as a circle and stick them together one by one. Now, you need to fix a smaller one again. Lastly, stick the two circles together.

Step 5:Decorate the wreath

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To make this wreath more beautiful, stick some decorations on it.

That’s all. What a beautiful wreath!

Vote for me. Thank you so much.

Hopefully, this little tutorial helps you feel like you can make your own wreath. I promise it isn’t hard! Just find an inspiration picture (or several), gather your supplies, and start sticking/gluing things in the wreath. But if you make it intending to give it to a friend, still give it away and make yourself another one, don’t keep it, ok?


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