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Step1: melt the soy wax on the pot. While the soy wax becomes liquid, please add the candle dye into the wax. You need to make the color of chocolate. After that, stir the wax with a stick.

Step2: pour the wax into the mold and full it. Continue to melting the soy wax to make the cream. Wait the wax becoming solidifying. Please stir it with a spoon at all the time until you find the wax can put into the pastry tube.

Step3: squeeze the wax on the top of the chocolate candle.


Step4: put some decorations on it.

Step5: stab the cake in the middle part with a stick and then insert a wick into it.

Step6: light the candle with lighter.

Now, what you can see is the small cake. You can have a try for your friends as a gift. I believe that he or she will be very happy about this present. Just now, try it.

Step 1:

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Tina Hamilton It looks delicious.

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