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I bought a bee brooch. Last night, when I saw this brooch, an inspiration suddenly ran into my mind why not make shrinky dinks like this pattern? To make other craftsmen learn this one quickly, I uploaded a video recorded the whole process. You can refer to this video to learn how to do make this one.


Shrink film


Soft pastel

Hot air gun


UV resin




Step 1:The whole steps

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1. Take a piece of shrink film and draw the bee pattern on it. In this step, I directly draw and color the pattern using the yellow and black pencil. At the same time, draw the two wings on the shrink film.

2. Cut this pattern out of the shrink film carefully. I start from the body and then the wings.

3. Color the wings with white pencil and draw some lines on it to create a more authentic feeling.

4. Now, it’s shrinking time. Shrink them until they are all flat.

5. To make this bee look more active, I add some UV resin on the body and wings of the bee.

6. Shine it using the UVLED-D for a while until they are all dry.

7. DON’T FORGET TO MAKE TENTACLES. Prepare a piece of plastic, then add some black powder and UV resin on it. Now, stir them with a pin or a stirring stick.

8. Dip the liquid with a thin plastic stick and bake it.

9. All preparation has been finished. Now, assemble using UV resin. I start from the body and wings and then the tentacles. Please remember that shine it while you are fixing with the UV resin.

10. You can assemble them according to yourself. I forget to record a video about the process of making out a brooch. But I think it’s easy for you to make this one.


Happy ending.


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